LopiPartsPro is a one stop on-line store specializing in replacement parts for Lopi woodstoves (wood stoves), Lopi gas stoves, Lopi pellet stoves, Lopi pellet heaters, Lopi fireplaces, Lopi gas fireplace inserts, Lopi wood fireplace inserts and Lopi pellet fireplace inserts. Certain woodstove, gas stove, pellet stove and fireplace parts will wear out due to normal use and will need a replacement. This might include but not limited to parts such as gaskets, glass, burn plates and blowers.

LopiPartsPro has 32 years experience specializing in replacement parts for older Lopi units. Our Lopi parts department carries an extensive replacement parts inventory and always at the best prices. We ship to southern and western Maine.

Contact us by e-mailing to partsprofrostandflame@yahoo.com or call 207-887-7380 to talk to one of our pros. We’re confident that we have that exact part you need to return your Lopi unit to peak performance whether it be a gasket, glass, burn plate, blower or any other part. Accuracy is always important when ordering new parts. If you don’t know the model number of your Lopi woodstove, gas stove, pellet stove, fireplace or fireplace insert, there should be a model number found on your unit’s safety testing label.

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LopiPartsPro is a division of Frost & Flame, Inc.

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